Cambridge Street Victuals..very cool.

Check out one of the hottest spots in town (now serving lunch a couple days a week)none other than cambridge street victuals. Live music. cool DJ. amazing food (Dante is the ex. chef). killer cocktails (that are big by Nantucket standards). Not to mention the great staff. Link to website for more. Malcom Brooks (Malcolm Designs) designed this blog and Cambridge streets site too (photos will be updated very soon)More info about Cambridge Street on

Nantucket Fashion Show for A Safe Place

Cheryl Fudge, Current vintage by Elizabeth English, Legends, and Blu get together to put on a fashion show benefiting a safe place of Nantucket. If you ever wondered what lays behind the walls of that huge brick wall on pleasant street (the picture is below). It is was a wonderful gathering of amazing people supporting A safe place of Nantucket. Kat Grieder Executive director is doing an amazing job with the board of directors and all the other wonderful people who helped make it possible. Lola 41 was there donating the bites and Cisco Brewery (888) did the bar.

Brushmarks Studio on Nantucket

I shot these couple of photos when I stopped by Meredith MacNab’s new studio on a federal Street on Nantucket. This year she is sharing a space with Cheryl Fudge who is also a very well known artist and business woman.

Meredith MacNab is an amazing gifted artist, creativity just spills out of her. But you don’t have to be creative to have fun! Sometimes just allowing your mind to run free is one of the most relaxing things children and adults can do on their Nantucket Getaway. I have seen Meredith with young children, kids, teens and adults and I really mean it when I saw you feel relaxed and excited to create something that is truly your own. Meredith has also worked with children who are challenged and special (she is patient and kind ) Please take a look at her new blog ( Brushmarks art studio

Painting .Arts and Crafts. Positive art.

girls and boys. young and old. art is for everyone