How Adele Lost Weight and is Focusing on Health

Any fan of the singer Adele, as well as the whole world, has noticed that the beauty has recently begun to sport a whole new look. At one time, she was reported as saying that she would not lose weight simply because someone had told her that she needed to. She made music to be a musician, after all, and not to be on the cover of Playboy. So, how did Adele lose weight?

However, Adele is now looking slim and trim. How did she do it?

The British singer has not revealed just how much weight she has lost, but she has let the world know about some of the changes she has made to her diet that has helped her to slim down. One change she has made? Cutting out sugary tea!

Adele revealed that she was drinking 10 cups of tea per day and adding two packs of sugar to each cup. That is a total of 20 sugar packs per day. While it’s no secret that British individuals adore tea, Adele now chooses not to drink it and states that the change has drastically improved how she feels and looks.

As well as staying away from her previous Earl Grey addiction, Adele has also been keeping an eye on what she chooses to fuel up on. In fact, she now follows a daily diet plan by Pure Package. The founder of Pure Package, Jennifer Irvine, reveals what the singer chows down on. The balanced diet includes fruits and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates. It definitely looks as though Adele is interested in keeping up a clean diet.

The Secret To Success Is The Diet

Another change that Adele has made that has added to her total wellness is kicking her smoking habit. She revealed that she got rid of cigarettes after she began to fear that she may die of a smoking-related illness sometime in the future. And as she is a mom to three-year-old son Angelo, focusing on health is certainly a wonderful choice to make.

Adele has said that she has never been a fan of exercising or going to the gym, and because of this, she is not currently and does not plan on becoming a fitness fanatic. Her personal fitness instructor has revealed what she does enjoy doing at the gym, however. Her total body workout routine includes cable machines, circuit training, and weight lifting.

Adele has said that she is not focused on making a change to her appearance because she wants to be a size zero. She wants to be healthy and to get in shape for herself. With so much pressure coming from Hollywood to eat right, exercise, and barely break a sweat while doing it, it is refreshing to see a celebrity share a realistic approach to getting healthy and focusing on feeling great.

So what do we learn from Adele’s attitude toward losing weight? For starters, it’s important to look at our habits and make any necessary changes that may be keeping us from looking and feeling our best. She kicked her habit of smoking and indulging in sugar. Do we have any similar habits we should kick to the curb?

Also, it’s important to eat a balanced diet and get in exercise in order to get healthy. Like Adele, do not stress out about being a certain size. Rather, focusing on feeling great and reaching total wellness will help you to stick with your routines. You don’t have to love the gym!

In conclusion, Adele is certainly looking great and setting a wonderful example for those of us who want to get healthy. Surely we will see many more great things from the British singer.